About MECS

Founded by two friends of varying heights, 156cm and 170cm, who are determined to build a fashion label that not only exemplifies every woman’s individual styles but also with a size range for the petite, the tall or the ‘somewhere in between’.

They saw the need to create a label that caters to the group of people on either ends of the spectrum of varying heights that eliminates the worry of clothes being too long or too short for you. MECS’s sizing range that includes a Petite and Regular range will leave you worrying less about purchasing a dress that needs length alterations or a disappointment of not owning it because it’s simply too short.

MECS cultivates the perfect harmony between the functionality of a garment and the way it makes you feel. We believe that clothes should not just be transient outfits, but should be pieces you treasure and last the test of time. Therefore, we believe in producing quality pieces that are meticulously crafted with fine detailing in a modern style that will leave you feeling elegant, confident and sexy.

The designs in our collections are inspired by the way of life that begins as simple innocent forms that are continually inspired by the cultures, trends and experiences around us to form something unique and exclusively yours.

Beyond our commitment to creating beautiful clothes, we want to be a voice to influence social change and contribute to those starting out their life journeys. A portion of every purchase will be donated back to an organization for a larger cause to remind ourselves of our humble beginnings in life. Read more about it HERE