Bourgeon 16


Pronounce as [bur-juh n]

Arising from MECS vision of life journeys as our inspiration, a transformation takes place to incorporate warm comforting hues; portraying a fresh change from timeless classics budding to inventive basics.

The Bourgeon collection brings shades of red and orange enhancing the vivacity, boldness and strength in every woman. Structured, angular folds are contrasted with a soft flowing fabrics to balance the courage of embarking on a new journey with a reminder to enjoy process of each new opportunity it brings. These are our desirable wardrobe staples that you are sure to love.

Our exclusive opulent lace pieces in this collection are specially designed and crafted to remind us to savor the intricacy and fragility of life. Lace motifs and quality material are meticulously cut and pieced together to create the perfect ensemble of iconic styles for the strong and elegant women to wear in our modern world today.