Anyone could easily put on beautiful pieces to be worn on the outside of our bodies, but what about the inside of their bodies?

MECS thought, what if we could use our beautiful pieces to help others be beautiful by putting things on the inside of their bodies as well? By this, of course, we mean good nutrition leading to a better health and life. Living in this affluent city, many of us take for granted that our easy access to a clean, nutritious meal would be a luxury to some. What we aim to do is to link these two worlds and contribute to making nutritious food accessible and sustainable to all. 

The founders of MECS, having been trained in nutrition, understand the detriments of a poor nutrition. With the knowledge, skills and a deep passion in wanting to fight against malnutrition around the world, MECS is birthed with the vision to build a brand that creates beautiful things for the outside; backed by the cause of helping others be beautiful starting from the inside. 

We hope that you will stand with us for this cause through your own life inspirations that can be shared through your purchases with us, to bring life in all its fullness to those in need.

"A portion of your purchase will be donated to fight against malnutrition through World Vision"

Learn more about World Vision HERE