Essence 16


Essence, is our quintessential collection that is a study of a basic piece designed to bring forth our individuality. Is 'basic' something that is essential because everyone else is wearing it? Or is it something that, in its simplicity, makes your best features shine through?

We sought to make basic pieces that acquire small details to connect intrinsically with you in hope you will find some bit of it you love. We choose to focus on the little things, just as how the details in our lives  shape and mould us. The details embody our way of life from young innocence with clean simple lines to angular cuts that progresses to introduce complexity through folds and overlapping layers.

Whether you seek an elegant dress for that special occasion, a pair of pants for your relaxed weekend, or a top that will show off your best on a night out; we believe you will find what you are looking for in our Essence collection. Let our pieces excite and surprise you in their ability to frame you in your very best.

For we believe that what makes a great basic piece lies in its versatility, its quality, and in its ability to show off what makes you, you.