Toujours 17


Also known as “always” and “forever”.

Stemming from what MECS designs are all about, we seek to bring forth classic and timeless pieces that ts perfectly into your wardrobe. We believe in creating versatile key pieces that are capable in forming and pairing into endless out ts. Simplicity and minimalism can also be trendy and stylish with our meticulously designed and chosen Toujours collection. Who says basics are boring? MECS focuses on the small details that brings uniqueness to these staples, bringing the best quality to you.

Incorporating comfort and style is what Toujours is about. With our carefully curated collection, you will find the best of both worlds where these pieces proves themselves to be timeless and essential in every woman’s wardrobe. By introducing rich tones of greens into this collection, it seamlessly and perfectly embodies the qualities of a MECS woman. Toujours serves to represent a 21st century woman where she is a fearless, independent and an empowering individual.

Involving lots of tying, asymmetricity and overlapping of these pieces, Toujours brings “basics” to a whole new level. These intricate details are specially introduced into the collection, hence setting MECS pieces apart from the norm. This collection is a flawless balance of femininity and masculinity, giving you the perfect spectrum of these two styles. From a flirtatious are dress to a structured asymmetrical dress, Toujours has it all.